[fpc-devel]Purpose of this list

startx startx at geocities.com
Fri Sep 29 12:51:30 CEST 2000

Florian Klaempfl wrote:
> > > I vote for establishing an FPC-Bugs mailing list.
> Is there any reason against using this list as bugs mailing list?
> Development means also fixing bugs. Forwarding the bug reports from the
> web form to this list would maybe increase the traffic by 4-5 mails a
> day.

If the relevant mails about development are few, then 4-5 mails a day
become a big number. The optimum is always get what you expect; for
example, I am interested in developing in the sense I want to know what
is going on, and sometimes would be interesting for me to see at other's
bugs. But there is an efficient way to know about bugs (on the fpc web),
a full featured database; if I want to see if others have discovered the
same bug I have, I can; if I want to help in fixing bugs, I can too.

You are not whole wrong, in effect... but may be only particular bugs
would be interesting here, say, biggest ones, or strangest. Unluckily,
nearly everyday I read all the messages in this list, but for many of
them I don't see really the contents: if I see a boring list of compiler
messages, then I skip. This way I can skip important things too, but for
me time and energies are important. If there was less bug-reports, I
think it would be better.

Even so, it is good, anyway.
Thank you and cheers.

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