[fpc-devel]Purpose of this list

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> > > I vote for establishing an FPC-Bugs mailing list.
> > 
> > For sure I agree with him.
> Is there any reason against using this list as bugs mailing list?
> Development means also fixing bugs. Forwarding the bug reports from
> the web form to this list would maybe increase the traffic by 4-5
> mails a day.

 I'm sending a copy of this to fpc-other list - we should probably 
move this discussion there.
 I could find a reason for a separate list as well myself. Some 
people might only be interested in knowing about possible bugs, 
answers to their own bug reports, workarounds, date of the snapshot, 
which solves the problem, etc., and not in highly specialized 
discussions about compiler development (it's a waste of bandwith for 
most users, I guess). I wouldn't try to introduce people to FPC 
development by moving the core discussions to the list, where bug 
reports should be directed. This will only cause people unsubscribing 
from the list sooner or later, instead of keeping them in touch with 
the development, IMHO. Most probably they'll start to send reports to 
fpc-pascal instead - the question is, whether we want this.


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