[fpc-devel]why FPC try to recompile unit & compiler direcitve position

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Fri Sep 22 14:49:00 CEST 2000

At 14:40 22/09/00 , vous avez écrit:
>MAKE.EXE[1]: Entering directory `/lang/fpc/source/rtl/os2'
>as -o prt0.oo2 prt0.as
>as -o prt1.oo2 prt1.as
>as -o code2.oo2 code2.as
>as -o code3.oo2 code3.as
>ppc386.exe -Fi../inc -Fi../i386 -FE. -di386 -Us -Sg sysos2.pas
>ppc386.exe -Fi../inc -Fi../i386 -FE. -di386 -I../objpas
>sysos2.pas(865) Fatal: Can't Write PPU-File

   It should never have to recompile the system unit :(
Could you please redo a make with
   make OPT=-viut
and send the result to the list ?
-vut will ouptut some info on tried and used files and
may explain why the unit is recompiled.

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