[fpc-devel]why FPC try to recompile unit & compiler direcitve position

KO Myung-Hun komh at chollian.net
Fri Sep 22 14:40:37 CEST 2000


I feel strange that FPC try to recompile precompiled unit.

FPC require source file of precompiled unit. For example,

when I try to recompile RTL, FPC compile 'sysos2.pas'. And

when FPC compile 'objpas.pas', FPC recompile 'sysos2.pas',

and FPC reports error messages, and gives up compiling.

Below is process of making RTL.

MAKE.EXE[1]: Entering directory `/lang/fpc/source/rtl/os2'
as -o prt0.oo2 prt0.as
as -o prt1.oo2 prt1.as
as -o code2.oo2 code2.as
as -o code3.oo2 code3.as
ppc386.exe -Fi../inc -Fi../i386 -FE. -di386 -Us -Sg sysos2.pas
ppc386.exe -Fi../inc -Fi../i386 -FE. -di386 -I../objpas
sysos2.pas(865) Fatal: Can't Write PPU-File
MAKE.EXE[1]: *** [objpas.ppo] Error 1
MAKE.EXE[1]: Leaving directory `/lang/fpc/source/rtl/os2'
F:/LANG/EMX/BIN/MAKE.EXE: *** [os2_all] Error 2

Below is process of compiling my program, compiled sucessfully before.

F:\lang\work\kc>ppc386 kc
Free Pascal Compiler version 1.1 [2000/08/30] for i386
Copyright (c) 1993-2000 by Florian Klaempfl
Target OS: OS/2 via EMX
Compiling kc.pas
dos.pas(91,17) Fatal: Can't compile unit DOS, no sources available

Below is information of ppc386.exe

F:\lang\fpc\source\rtl>ppc386 -i
Free Pascal Compiler version 1.1

Compiler Date  : 2000/08/30
Compiler Target: i386

This program comes under the GNU General Public Licence
For more information read COPYING.FPC

Report bugs,suggestions etc to:
                 bugrep at freepascal.org

I cannot understand why FPC try to recompile units.

For better FPC.

    from KO Myung-Hun.

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