[fpc-devel]Last compiler source

Michail A.Baikov baikov at mosfilm.ru
Wed Nov 29 11:53:23 CET 2000

Nu nakonec-to :)

Happy end of {$DEFINE PAVEL}? :)

> At 11:05 29/11/00 , vous avez écrit:
> > >I really think that the best method would be to
> > >integrate your code in the main source,
> > >but to activate it with some special switch, so that
> > >everybody can use yor patch without recompiling the compiler,
> > >but that the default behavior does not change.
> >
> >I try always to keep old behavior if my additional options are not
> >evidently
> >(may be, that is not always succesful?).
> >
> >But where I can send my yesterday's patches? Can I use home address of
> >Pierre or of someone another?
> Yes please send patch to the fixes branch to me at pierre at freepascal.org

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