[fpc-devel]Last compiler source

Pierre Muller pierre at freepascal.org
Wed Nov 29 09:46:18 CET 2000

At 08:44 29/11/00 , vous avez écrit:
> >> Hello, I would make 2 messages:
> >> Message 1:
> >>
> >> There are exist a discrepancy between generation of public names in 
> dlls by exporting
> >and
> >by importing (if they are not pointed
> >> evidently using NAME keyword). By exporting they are converted to 
> uppercase (like BP7
> >but
> >not like Delphi32), by importing
> >> they remain unchanged.
> >
> >For the mainbranch compiler this can be changed easily. For the fixes 
> branch i don't know
> >atm.
>This problem is actual in "both branches" because my $LINKLIB-concerned 
>patches don't touch
>these parts of compiler code (BTW, I have no idea and no plans to create 
>an independed FPC-branch!
>Really, sometimes I have a little free time and try to improve compiler. 
>All my fixes I send to "official" developers team,
>some of them are introduced into official FPC, other are also excluded 
>from "my home FPC" because I would write
>programs which could be recompiled with any recent version of FPC, not 
>only with my "clone").
I really think that the best method would be to
integrate your code in the main source,
but to activate it with some special switch, so that
everybody can use yor patch without recompiling the compiler,
but that the default behavior does not change.

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