[fpc-devel]Last compiler source

Pavel V. Ozerski pavel at insect.mail.iephb.ru
Wed Nov 29 08:44:53 CET 2000

>> Hello, I would make 2 messages:
>> Message 1:
>> There are exist a discrepancy between generation of public names in dlls by exporting
>by importing (if they are not pointed
>> evidently using NAME keyword). By exporting they are converted to uppercase (like BP7
>not like Delphi32), by importing
>> they remain unchanged.
>For the mainbranch compiler this can be changed easily. For the fixes branch i don't know

This problem is actual in "both branches" because my $LINKLIB-concerned patches don't touch
these parts of compiler code (BTW, I have no idea and no plans to create an independed FPC-branch!
Really, sometimes I have a little free time and try to improve compiler. All my fixes I send to "official" developers team,
some of them are introduced into official FPC, other are also excluded from "my home FPC" because I would write
programs which could be recompiled with any recent version of FPC, not only with my "clone").


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