[fpc-devel]FSearch & DOS...

KO Myung-Hun komh at chollian.net
Mon Nov 13 15:16:32 CET 2000


Below is the simple source for FSearch test.

---------- fsearch.pas
program fsearch_test;


    WriteLn( FSearch( 'fsearch.exe', GetEnv( 'PATH' )));

If you copy 'fsearch.exe' to the directory not specified in PATH,

and launch 'fsearch.exe' in other directory, then 'fsearch.exe' do not

report any messages.

And if you launch 'fsearch.exe' in the directory not specified in PATH,

and other 'fsearch.exe' in the directory specified in PATH,

'fsearch.exe' report path to 'fsearch.exe' in PATH incorrectly.

I tested this with BP 7.0 in DOS 7.10, aka. Win95 OSR2.

Finally, I have a question. What mean 'BTW' and 'OTOH' ... ?

I'm sorry I'm poor at English. T.T

For better FPC !!!

    from KO Myung-Hun...

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