[fpc-devel]argv[ 0 ] is not assumed to be a full path ?

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> I don't think that FSearch could solve this problem in DOS, because
> all executable file are in directory specfied in 'PATH' and current.

 This should work. How does DOS locate a program specified on the 
command line:
 1) Checks, whether you didn't give the full (or relative) path.
 2) Looks in the current directory.
 3) Searches throughout directories specified in PATH.
 I must have a look at it, there might be some DOS function for 
getting the full executable path as well, which would be easier, of 
course (_if_ it would be supported under EMX/RSX).

> I think that in OS/2, DosGetInfoBlocks is the appropriate API, is
> not?

 Yes, it is.


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