[fpc-devel]path & -FD option...

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> And, path to emx binaries is placed inner 255 chars in PATH env.
> In these time, I could see 'using assmelber...' msg.
> Tomas, maybe your path to binaries is inner 255 chars in PATH ?

 The last time I tried (see my previous message "Tools path..." sent 
here) FPC correctly used a different tools copy than the first one 
located using a PATH search. Anyway, to make sure, I removed the path 
to these tools from PATH altogether this time and only gave it in the 
-FD parameter. It still works correctly here.

> I still think that FPC ignore -FD options.

 Your problem must be in something else, since it definitely works 
correctly here. I'd guess something like a different ppc386.cfg copy 
used, or the configuration file being ignored altogether for some 
reason. BTW - didn't you try to recompile FPC sources using 
makefiles, did you (sorry, I don't remember it any more)? I'm asking 
because the configuration file is explicitely disregarded there using 
the -n option, AFAIK.


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