[fpc-devel]path & -FD option...

KO Myung-Hun komh at chollian.net
Mon Nov 6 04:40:22 CET 2000

Hi/2 All.

I tested FPC 1.0.2 with -vt option. I got a redirection file.

However, the file do not include 'using assembler...' message.

In those time, my path to emx binaries was placed out of 255 chars in
PATH env.

Of course, -FD option has path to emx binaries correctly as a argument.

And, path to emx binaries is placed inner 255 chars in PATH env.

In these time, I could see 'using assmelber...' msg.

Tomas, maybe your path to binaries is inner 255 chars in PATH ?

I still think that FPC ignore -FD options.

For better FPC !!!

    from KO Myung-Hun...

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