[fpc-announce] [OT] ANN: New Mock library for Delphi/FreePascal: Pascal Mock

harghh harghh at free.fr
Wed Jan 17 18:35:48 CET 2007


I know this is off topic, but this can be of interest for FreePascal users
and developers.

Pascal Mock is currently tested only on Delphi, I believe it is easy to port
to FreePascal.


I am pleased to announce the 1.0 release of Pascal Mock on SourceForge:


Delphi/Kylix/FreePascal were lacking a mock library (except ubMock).
The Pascal Mock library enables the easy creation and use of Mock
objects for unit testing, inspired by the various Java mock
object tools.

Mock objects eases unit testing by acting as replacements for
classes that the object being tested must interact with.

For more on Mock objects see:


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