[fpc-announce]Free Pascal Contributed units modified entry. (Exceller8)

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Mon May 10 04:15:58 CEST 2004

The following entry in the Free Pascal contributed units was modified:

Name         : Exceller8
Author       : Jon Lennart Aasenden
Email        : wotanica at hotmail.com
Homepage     : http://www.jurasoft.no/xlr8/
FTP site     : http://www.jurasoft.no/xlr8/exceller8.zip
Version      : 1.0.0
Date         : 2004-05-10
Category     : Graphics
Supported OS : All
Description  :
The Exceller8 (XLR8) project is an effort to create a open source graphics API for the Pascal community. XLR8 provides the fundamental mechanisms for allocating, manipulating and painting to bitmaps stored in conventional memory. It takes care of rgb encoding, pitch, clipping and blitting on it's own. It does not rely on any operating system for these tasks.

As such, XLR8 can be used to complement any graphics foundation that expose or accept pointers to bitmap data. API examples are DIBS, TrollTech QT PixMaps, the VESA framebuffer, and DirectX surfaces.

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