[fpc-announce]CPU package Update (Part II)

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Wed Mar 28 19:26:06 CEST 2001

Hello again,

    I somehow missed to insert the package description before sending the
previous mail. Sorry about that. Here's the full text:


    I've updated my CPU package to rel2rev15.

What's in the box:

Hello all,

    I've updated my CPU package to rel2rev15.

What's in the box:

CPU detection and timing unit. Detects various capabilities of CPUs like speed,
rating, family, manufacturer, model, stepping and different features of them
(like CPUid support, MMX support, 3Dnow! support, KNI support, eMMX
support....). Additionally it provides some objects to time code parts with an
accuracy of up to 1 microsecond.


* Detects CPU capabilites like CPUID, RDTSC, FPU, MMX, eMMX, 3dNow!,ISSE, serial
number, type, manufacturer, clock rate, cpu rating, ...
* Accurate CPU clock rate detection
* Infinite number of timers timing at the same time
* Timer with a resolution of up to one microsecond on all processors
* Timer freely scalable in integer units
* Highly accurate delay procedure, also working correctly with multitasking
* Available and well working under all x86 plattforms, e.g. GO32V2, Win32, Linux
and OS/2
* Fully RTL compatible, replacing both CPU and MMX unit completely. An
additional MMX unit is included to be 100% code compatible.
* Full documentation included
* See included license.txt for license issues (please _read_ it before flaming,
thanks =) - nothing changed for that matter btw)

Comments, suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated - just drop a mail.

What's new in this release:
- Fixes a bug in MMX unit (rel1rev4 now) which always leads to crashes on
non-MMX processors.
- Updated the makefile script in the hope that more people will be able to use
the make utility from now on (not just me)
- installation instructions in the docs have been updated a little

Download from http://members.yline.com/~tom_at_work/index.html . The
accompanying PDF documentation file has been updated too (also available from
the site).

Have fun,

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