[fpc-pascal] Malformed email messages

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Fri Aug 17 10:49:02 CEST 2012

> > One of Ludo's later messages gives me:
> > 
> > RE : RE : RE : RE : RE : [fpc-pascal] Re: linux: 
> > shouldwehard-codeversionedorunversioned shared libraries in 
> our apps?
> > 
> > In gmail's web client, the conversation view only shows the 
> original 
> > subject at the top, but it's still visible in the header.  
> When using 
> > icedove (thunderbird), it's pretty annoying, though.  Anyone else 
> > having this problem?  Is gmail screwing around with this somehow?
> Screenshot attached.

I wrote a little VBA module in Outlook that modifies the RE: back to Re:
before sending the message and that seems to solve the problem. 
Note that Outlook detects RE: and Re: correctly and will not duplicate them
but other mailers seem to have problems with RE: and prepend a Re:. I have
plenty of Re: RE: RE:... messages in my inbox. 


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