[fpc-pascal] Windows Seven and SVN source install

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sat Nov 7 19:21:30 CET 2009

Andrew Brunner wrote on Sat, 07 Nov 2009:

> C:/FPC/bin/i386-Win32/cp.exe -Rfp examples/* C:\FPC/examples/hash
> cp.exe: cannot remove old link to  
> `C:/FPC/examples/hash/.svn/all-wcprops': Permi
> ssion denied

You have to build/install an exported copy under Windows due to a bug  
in cp.exe there. First perform

C:\Developer\FPC> svn export . c:\Developer\FPCExport

Then build/install from c:\Developer\FPCExport

> Another problem I had from 2.2.4 is that the new binaries were mising
> a few items like make and some others... So I had to merge missing
> files to get 2.5.1 to work.

make is not an FPC utility, it is not built when building FPC. It's an  
external program that's used with FPC. That's why you have to copy  
those over if you want to start from scratch.


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