[fpc-pascal] Linking Pascal code to C/C++ static libraries under Windows

Lowell C. Savage savage at lanl.gov
Thu Aug 18 19:48:32 CEST 2005

I would also have thought that with all the object formats that GCC emits, 
that one of them would be the object format used by VC, in which case using 
VC's linker would work.

However, I was able to get a DLL compiled that I could link up and run 
(without getting an error that the DLL was missing when the program started.)

I hope to get some time in the next few days to put together a simple 
tutorial/sample showing how to do it.

Thanks Marco, for the help!

Tomas Hajny wrote:
>Out of curiosity - is this limitation related to different object library
>format used/supported by GCC and VC, or yet something else? If it's just
>the format, there might be tools to translate from one format to another
>(although there might be limitations, of course), or it _might_ be
>possible (with some manual tweaking - for sure not easy) to use a linker
>supporting both formats (I'd expect OpenWatcom Linker to be able to do

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