[Pas2js] simple widget units unit for non advanced programmers

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Sun Mar 14 11:02:41 CET 2021

You are having right. I Am sad, that there is no opensource or free screen reader compatible HTML editor, which could create buttons, editable fields and other elements. Seamonkey build in HTML editor is very accessible with screen reader, but it is not possible to add buttons, radio buttons and other elements. The question is if I will use such approach if GUI will be so nice like when you are using bootstrap or webwidgets inside yours demo program. 
Microsoft word contain build in HTMl editor, question is if is it possible to add buttons and other similar elements, or only styles which are part of The Word editor such as headings, list ETC.
But you are having right, that for Me it would be The best to find such WEB editor so I will create GUi by using this editor. And Pascal code will detect if some specific editable field or button have been clicked or changed.
Yours pacman game is A good example of such behaviour, such as detecting if checkbox for sound havwe been checked or unchecked.
But I know that object programming will always be necessary to be used.
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