[Pas2js] simple widget units unit for non advanced programmers

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Sun Mar 14 10:08:03 CET 2021

Dear specialists,
Professionals such as MR Wancare and similar programmers here are comfortable with existing units for GUi creation.

But what if somebody is not so advanced. Puma project is being prepared I know about it. But I Am still dreaming, if somebody of us could prepare some simple GUi creation unit for Pas2js. Which would involve some simple mechanishms for event detection such as if some editable field content will be changed.

This simple unit could support editable fields, buttons and some text area and this is all. 
Do you think, that somebody of us could prepare this simple unit here? Unit should allow to create many editable fields and resulting GUI should be also compatible with Android WEBVIEW module. 

Really. Only button, editable field and text area on WEB page. Sure, if it would be possible to add some text to button so screen reader will not only report button word.
I will not overload you about tables, since it is not easy to create fully automated solution and complex units are allready here such as bootstraptable.
And some webwidget related demo.
Thank you very much for yours patience.
With deepest appreciation possible.
Janusz Chmiel
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