[Pas2js] demohtmlwidgets eventtable how to sotre values from editable boxes

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Tue Oct 20 15:56:47 CEST 2020

I AM attaching yours modified demo code. Because I think, that only when I
will follow yours code and when I and you will slightly modify it, it will
be finally possible to create quizes which will be able to fill out 40 items
and more by using edit boxes and long table, which could be seen on various
devices screens.
Many editable boxes is excellent approach for visually impaired users.
Because long block of text and monitoring it and jumping from one eitable
field to A block of 40 words is really not very convenient. Table is more
nicer for sighted majority than long chunks of editboxes and short texts,
editbox and labels only.
If I Am using wrong demo code, if also event table is not capable to display
so many edit boxes on Android tablets, please let Me know, which table code
could do that. Stringtable? Or other Demo code based on Bootstrap units?
I AM attaching yours demo code, because My attempt to inject it separately
have produced many compiler errors. So I have rather used yours code. My
little change resides inside The procedure 
procedure TEventTableWidgetDemo.DoGetCellData(Sender: TObject; Enum:
TTableRowEnumerator; aCell: TTableWidgetCellData);
But I have chosen wrong technique to test The Editable field change. And if
then condition will also not work.
Very strange issue, in some cases, I can not add if then condition inside
one code procedure on a various places.
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