[Pas2js] pas2js Build on win32

Ondrej Pokorny lazarus at kluug.net
Mon Nov 9 12:36:56 CET 2020


I got a new PC. I Installed FPC 3.2.0 from the setup found on the 
freepascal homepage. Then I did a SVN checkout for pas2js and I now want 
to make it.

The command is just "make clean all" in the pas2js directory (I use the 
full math to FPC make) :

clean all

This is the error message:

process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, pas2js.exe -iV, ...) failed.
make: Nothing to be done for `clean'.
c:/ENTWICKLUNG/FPC/3.2.0/bin/i386-Win32/ppc386.exe fpmake.pp
*fpmake.pp(4,47) Fatal: Can't find unit fpmkunit used by fpmake*
Fatal: Compilation aborted
make: *** [fpmake.exe] Error 1

Can somebody help me what am I missing? I used the same approach on my 
old PC and it worked OK. Also compiling FPC trunk works fine on the new PC.


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