[Pas2js] OP Peer Coding with VS Code, IDE Plugin for Developing with TMS Web Core, and the demise of Atom as IDE (RE: Pas2js Digest, Vol 25, Issue 5)

cbsistem cbsistem at yahoo.com.br
Thu Feb 6 13:11:53 CET 2020

I'm in a group of PAS2JS that has functionality to compile pascal code for

Javascript is 100% present in browser (client), nodejs (backend), and
desktop with NW / ELETRON

  html and css is essential for the client layer.

without integration ...
pas2js is for dwscript

and tms webcore is for
Elevate WebBuilder and Morfik.

he is always skating because he doesn't embrace the good news.
always a fresh start.

Cristiano Barbosa
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