[Pas2js] OP Peer Coding with VS Code, IDE Plugin for Developing with TMS Web Core, and the demise of Atom as IDE (RE: Pas2js Digest, Vol 25, Issue 5)

Jean SUZINEAU Jean.Suzineau at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 6 12:55:52 CET 2020

Le 06/02/2020 à 00:34, cbsistem via Pas2js a écrit :
> MONO CODE editor is a DOS thing.
> We need an editor with preview of html, css and JS processing.

On my own I'm on the reverse point of view, I use Lazarus to edit nearly 
all my source code files, because it's fast.

When I develop in openscad, very far away from Object Pascal, I prefer 
Lazarus to edit the .scad file.
Just saving with Ctrl S the scad file in Lazarus triggers the refresh of 
the preview of the 3D Model in OpenScad.
It's nearly the same behaviour that you get when you work with Angular 
in VS Code, you need to hit Ctrl S to get the preview in the browser 
(with ng serve running in PowerShell).

I think you can get in Firefox the behaviour of Openscad with this 
plugin https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/live-reload/

which reloads the file in Firefox when it detects a change.

VS code is sexy but but way to slow to load on my machine compared to 

I have other examples of IDE like Genero Studio (based on Eclipse I 
guess) where it's so long to change options that very often I end up 
opening the xml files of the project  in Lazarus to make the changes by 

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