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@ Cristiano:

Hear, hear to peer coding for which VS Code excels! We pair developers
quite commonly on instances of it as a shared IDE that supports many
languages. If you are open to/doing macOS-hosted development, we also use
Tuple (https://tuple.app) to enable Object Pascal's now-antiquated IDEs to
be shared similarly in real-time for the older crowd. While both approaches
work well to facilitate mentoring / teaching / learning development
activities (as well as for conducting code reviews), a properly integrated
VS Code solution would be truly sweet! Here, the VS Code IDE plugin
promised for developing with TMS Web Core indeed holds much promise as
Michael suggests -- it needs only to be released from its Web Core

Thus, regarding licensing TMS Web Core for its coming IDE plugin, please
consider joining the effort to get this plugin opened sourced as a "give
back" to the Free Pascal community that made Web Core possible ... you can
read more about this in Sof Fram's comments under this Web Core
introductory YouTube video series: https://youtu.be/_2u5iwVEAYw Thereafter,
if inspired, send Bruno Fierens an email at TMS Software in a vote to
"distinguish" Object Pascal among today's plethora of great languages --
and with a modernized object inspector, design surface, component palette
...all hosted in VS Code and, as such, could additionally be made to work
seamlessly with the likes of React/JS too. (Like the Dawning of Aquarius
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE>, can you say "harmonic
convergence"? ;-)

@ Michael:

Good to know you're not still trying to use Lazarus as a text editor and
IDE :) However, now that Atom's functionality as an IDE has been deprecated
by GitHub/Microsoft in favour of its more prolific sibling (see:
https://github.com/atom/atom-languageclient/issues/273 ...
https://www.reddit.com/user/nat_friedman), why not join the bright-side now
and start enjoying the force of VS Code today before Atom is completely
subsumed therein?

Regards to you both,

J Ralston

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> >Typescript, you mean ?
> yes
> >Personally, I don't see the point of that for daily work.
> When you're just a programmer it doesn't make much sense.
> Now think of 10 home office programmers. Or you have just hired 1 more home
> office, it already logs into a configured environment. Or make a
> playground.
> This methodology is used by web developers.
> check http://www.qooxdoo.org/current/playground/#Hello%20World-ria
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