[Pas2js] htmlwidgets based source codes plea

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Sat Aug 29 18:34:40 CEST 2020

Dear specialists here,
	I would like to learn new techniques based on reactions of widget
content changes. Does somebody of us have some free or opensource source
which uses htmlwidgets unit? My goal is to learn where to add if then
condition block, how to react on widgets changes.
Today I have found out, that simply adding if then condition which will
monitor widget for text value do not work. It is not simply possible to add
this condition block after last line related to GUI creation. 
I would had to monitor key presses or if there is An function or procedure
to monitor input editable field for changes.
The similar problem is how to detect if somebody have clicked on specific
I do not want to overload MR Van Canneyt so much, because he is very busy.
And eventhough he is very kind to Me, his patience can finish very soon. If
I will learn how to react on widgets content changes, when I will learn how
to react on button click, I will be very glad and I will not write so much
E-mails to this mailing list like I Am writing for now.
I have many positive emotions inside my soul. Because I could never create
GUi so highly efficient like thanks to htmlwidgets unit. Because I do not
have HTML tags on my memory, I like this unit very much. Because I can
really create even complex forms and interactive WEB apps with no need to be
sad, that I do not see at all and that I do not know, which number value
should I add to The some command to put object on The screen correctly.
Code is even very fast and screen readers friendly. So I AM feeling like in
Thank you for some source codes. You can also write Me personally some short
part of code for demonstration purposes. Important is, that it must be code
which uses htmlwidgets unit. No code which cooperate with The previously
created HTMl page by you.
Thank you very very much.

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