[Pas2js] A simple Pas2JS IDE running in the browser

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Wed Aug 26 22:45:17 CEST 2020

Dear MR Wright,
    Yours project is good solution. I will deeply analyse it. Now I have
started to deeply study htmlwidgets unit. I must make several standalone
.txt files which will contain.
All widget related classes.
All procedures and all functions.
Because without that, I would never be able to use this crucial unit
Htmlwidgets create fully accessible WEB widgets. Including multiline
editable box, one line editable box, Radio button, button, input button and
some block of text.
I AM very nicely impressed because of The state of development, where Pas2js
To be honest, without existence of htmlwidgets unit, I would not be so
overjoyed because of Pas2js. Because I would had to llearn HTMl language
firstly to create HTMl page with some buttons, editable fields, etc. And
then, I would had to use web.pas unit to analyse on which element user have
clicked from Pascal source.
Fortunately for Me, MR Michael Van Canneyt have developed outstanding
htmlwidgets unit.
And this unit have brought a joy of using Pascal to write interactive WEB
apps. Sure. I Am on The beginning first. So there will be some time before I
will deeply familiar with his unit.
But what I know is, that I have big chance to create WEB apps for visually
impaired users.
If I will not specify setwidth, setheight after I will create every widget,
I know, that I can not have A ilusion, that My resulting Webpage GUI will
look very attractive for The sighted majority. Fortunately, htmlwidgets
support allignment of every object.
So thanks to alligment procedure, I hope, that result will be acceptable. I
have tried to write Pascal apps for Android.
But it was not very easy for Me. And WEB apps are The future.
Thank you for yours project.
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