[Pas2js] The definition of 'Attr' interface

warleyalex warleyalex at yahoo.com.br
Tue Aug 20 00:45:05 CEST 2019

Ref: https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/#interface-attr

interface Attr : Node {
  readonly attribute DOMString? namespaceURI;
  readonly attribute DOMString? prefix;
  readonly attribute DOMString localName;
  readonly attribute DOMString name;
  [CEReactions] attribute DOMString value;

  readonly attribute Element? ownerElement;

  readonly attribute boolean specified; // useless; always returns true

TJSDOMString = String;

//  TJSAttr = class external name 'Attr' (TJSObject)
  TJSAttr = class external name 'Attr' (TJSNode)
    fNameSpaceURI: TJSDOMString external name 'namespaceURI';
    fPrefix: TJSDOMString; external name 'prefix';
    fLocalName: TJSDOMString; external name 'localName';
    fName: TJSDOMString; external name 'name';
    fvalue: TJSDOMString; external name 'value';
    fspecified: Boolean; external name 'specified';
    property namespaceURI: TJSDOMString read fNameSpaceURI;
    property prefix: TJSDOMString read fPrefix;
    property localName: TJSDOMString read fLocalName;
    property name: TJSDOMString read fName;
    property value: TJSDOMString read fvalue;
    property specified: Boolean read fspecified;

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