[fpc-pascal] Microsoft SAPI on Freepascal

Steve Litt slitt at troubleshooters.com
Tue Jun 27 04:26:17 CEST 2023

Rik van Kekem via fpc-pascal said on Mon, 26 Jun 2023 16:12:06 +0200

>program Project1;
>{$mode objfpc}{$H+}
>   Classes, ComObj;
>   Voice: olevariant;
>   Voice := CreateOLEObject('SAPI.SpVoice');
>   Voice.Speak('I am speaking.', 0);
>   Voice.Speak('I am also speaking.', 0);

Where does one get ComObj?  On my box this errored out with:

speak.pas(4,12) Fatal: Can't find unit ComObj used by Project1

By the way, when pasting the Classes, ComObj line from your email and
compiling, I got an error about a bad character. To get past it I had
to re-type the command on a new line and then delete the pasted one.



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