[fpc-pascal] Parse JSON

Thomas Kurz fpc.2021 at t-net.ruhr
Sun Jun 25 22:39:00 CEST 2023

fpJson fully supports JSON:


There's also JSON support in the LGenerics package, but it's not a bundled package as far as I know.


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Hi all,

I've hardly done anything with JSON in Freepascal before, so apologies 
for the trivial question. I want to traverse an array in JSON and 
retrieve the elements (which I don't know what they are in advance) one 
by one. An example of the JSON file is given below.

"keywords": {
       "key": "value",
       "key1": "value1",
       "key2": "value2"

Ideally, I'd like to be able to stick to the FPC out-of-the-box library. 
Any help would be appreciated.

Rgds, Darius

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