[fpc-pascal] IRC channel for FreePascal support ?

Karl-Michael Schindler karl-michael.schindler at web.de
Thu Apr 13 18:43:55 CEST 2023

> Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2023 15:26:40 +0200
> From: Marc Weustink <marc at dommelstein.nl>
> To: fpc-pascal at lists.freepascal.org
> Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal] IRC channel for FreePascal support ?
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> On 13/04/2023 13:55, Rik van Kekem via fpc-pascal wrote:
>> Op 13-04-2023 om 12:53 schreef Jacob Kroon via fpc-pascal:
>>> Thanks for checking, but well, I just got contacted by "Joanna" 
>>> privately on IRC, this is the chatlog:
>> The following topic might be of interest. You can view it without 
>> registering.
>> https://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/topic,61328.0.html
>> There are more people who have the same problem with that IRC channel(s) 
>> and with 'Joanna'.
>> Especially the strict rules that are enforced.
>> (your chatlog doesn't stand alone, there are also multiple topics on the 
>> forum about this, besides the link given above.)
>> BTW. That IRC channel is not an official FPC/Lazarus channel.
>> (I think 'Joanna' is the founder of the channel and sole moderator there.)

Fits, to how I remember the course of action.

> #fpc and #lazarus were the official channels in the freenode times. 
> After freenode got abandoned, some active users started those channels 
> on libera. Soon after that I registered #lazarus as the official channel 
> for the lazarus project. No registration is done for the fpc channel (yet)
> As of today, Joanna is not a channel operator anymore on the lazarus 
> channel. She has been warned that the same could happen for the fpc channel.
> Marc

All this is completely in line with my past experience with Joanna on #fpc during freenode times. I withdrew from the channels completely, because of her activities. Therefore, I strongly suggest action regarding her operator status of the fpc channel on libera.chat. Alternatively, ask for the removal of the “official” status and a corresponding disclaimer or the channel altogether. This recent example shows, that her self-centered and dictatorial actions as operator harm fpc more than fpc benefits from her activities.

Regards - Michael.

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