[fpc-pascal] JSON RPC changes in 3.3.1

Hairy Pixels genericptr at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 03:06:48 CEST 2022

So I got the project building after changing the enums but now after running the server breaks after sending the first request and I get the error "'No class "initialize" with method "initialize" was found”.

Here’s a little snippet of the messages I got back but I don’t even know where to start debugging this or what I could post here. Given that, maybe I should start by looking at some release notes for what changed in the JSON RPC library since 3.2.2? There must have been another breaking change that I don’t know it, or it’s related to building with the ARM 64 architecture (can build a x86 3.3.1 on my Mac M1 I think but I haven’t tried yet).

:: --> pascal-language-server initialize(1): (… too long, clipped out ...)
:: <~~ pascal-language-server 6: {'message': 'Parameters must be passed in an object or an array.', 'code': -32602}
::  -> pascal-language-server exit: None
:: <~~ pascal-language-server 1: {'message': 'No class "initialize" with method "initialize" was found.', 'code': -32601}

	Ryan Joseph

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