[fpc-pascal] mciSendString with long file names

Alexander Grotewohl alex at dcclost.com
Tue Sep 20 17:26:04 CEST 2022

I've only ever done this like:

pcmd: string;

pcmd:='open "'+filename+'" ... '+#0;

mciSendString(@pcmd[1], ...);

mciSendString does return errors.. duno if that'll be helpful.

I originally used it in Virtual Pascal and had to make a partial header myself so the FreePascal one might take parameters differently.
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Subject: [fpc-pascal] mciSendString with long file names

I’m trying to get mciSendString() to work with long file names with spaces in them and I’m not having any success.

I know with winnows you need quotes around long file names, so I’m trying things like this:

Var MySoundFile:String;

mciSendString(PChar('play '+Ansistring(#34+MySoundFile+#34)),Nil,0,0);

But still it works if my file name has no spaces, but does not work if there are spaces.

I think maybe it’s my conversion to a PChar, but it works as long as there are no spaces, so I don’t know.

The name of my file is in a string because it comes from a record with a string variable in it.. part of another whole system that I don’t want to change just to get this to work.

Any one have any ideas how to get long file names with spaces to work?

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