[fpc-pascal] Get highest element of a StringList

Thomas Kurz fpc.2021 at t-net.ruhr
Sat Sep 10 19:11:37 CEST 2022

Another alternative would be declaring a helper:

type TStringListHelper = class helper for TStringList
function High: NativeInt;

function TStringListHelper.High: NativeInt;
  Exit (Self.Count-1);

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Subject: [fpc-pascal] Get highest element of a StringList

I thought I would try:

For Loop := 0 to High(MyStringList) do

But I get "Error: Type mismatch"

Is there a way to get the highest element of a stringlist other than:

For Loop := 0 to MyStringList.Count-1 do

It would be nice to not have the -1
Could High() be made to work if the argument was a stringlist?


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