[fpc-pascal] Access Violation When SetLength(DynArray, Value)

Anthony Walter sysrpl at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 09:30:19 CEST 2022

Is there a known edge case issue connected to setting the length
of dynamic arrays?

I have a program that simulates a billiards game, and during the rerack
balls method of TPoolTable the number of pool balls on the table varies
based on the rerack option used. Currently, I am having a problem where an
exception is thrown if I try to SetLenth(Balls, 10) or greater than 10.
Values less than 10 work fine, but at 10 balls and above an exception is
thrown right at the SetLength call.

External: SIGSEGV

000000000041DCA4 eb12                     jmp    0x41dcb8
000000000041DCA6 4c89f0                   mov    %r14,%rax
000000000041DCA9 488b5008                 mov    0x8(%rax),%rdx
000000000041DCAD 488b4018                 mov    0x18(%rax),%rax
000000000041DCB1 488982a8000000           mov    %rax,0xa8(%rdx)
^ instruction pointer is at this line ^

I tried compiler both FPC 3.3.1 from trunk source and 3.2.2 from the
official Sourceforge binary.  The same error occurs when building with both
compilers. My platform is x86_64 Linux.

For reference here is the type of Balls:

  TVec2 = record
     X, Y: Single;

  TPoolBall = record
    Pos: TVec2;
    Dir: TVec2;
    Speed: Double;
    Color: LongWord;
    Touched: Boolean;
    Sinking: Single;
    SinkPocket: Integer;
    SinkPos: TVec2;
    Pocketed: Boolean;
    Index: Integer;

  TPoolBalls = array of TPoolBall;

... later inside TPoolTable ...

  Balls: TPoolBalls;
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