[fpc-pascal] fpc-pascal Digest, Vol 216, Issue 16

Russ russeld.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 15:58:46 CEST 2022

> I made an experiment with fresh fpcres compiled from source. It works
> even with your case! Ie with "./folder/filename". I created simple RC
> file, added there the line with "./folder/a.bmp", added BMP file in that
> folder, called fpcres using its full-path, all compiled OK.
> Alexey
Thanks for testing Alexy,

I got it working, but there are differences:
    When invoking WinRes, it looks as if the project directory is used 
as the base path.
    With fpcres, I think the directory in which the resource list file 
is located is used as the base path.

In my source code I had {$R resources/resource_list.rc}, so I can either 
1) change that to just {$R resource_list.rc} and move the resource list 
to my project folder root directory,
or 2) leave it as is, with the resource list in the same directory as 
the resource files, and just remove the resource directory from the 
paths in the RC file.

Option 1 works with both fpcres and WinRes.

Thank you, Russ

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