[fpc-pascal] Cross-compiler for ARM64 on Windows available?

Wolfgang Hubert w.hubert at rtfc.de
Sat Jun 25 10:58:40 CEST 2022

Hi Tomas,

Tomas Hajny wrote:
> if you already have your FPC 3.2.2 installation, plus installation of an 
> external package (LLVM). All of it rather feasible. Yes, you may possibly 
> encounter some issues with the current port to this target 
> (aarch64-win64), but I'm sure there are others willing to help with that 
> part as well if you report such issues. Just let me/us know if you want to 
> continue that way, I'm willing to provide more specific directions.

OK. What would be a good starting point? my Windows XP/32 machine with fpc 
3.2.2 installed or my Windows 10/64 machine with fpc 3.2.2 installed?
And which LLVM package shall I install?

My source code only uses RTL, System, SysUtils and Windows units. Windows is 
only needed for registry access.

Best regards,


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