[fpc-pascal] FPConnect Timeout

Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis d.ioannidis at nephelae.eu
Wed Jun 8 19:11:05 CEST 2022


Στις 8/6/2022 7:27 μ.μ., ο/η James Richters via fpc-pascal έγραψε:
> Is there any way to specify a shorter timeout for FPConnect?

AFAIK, socket connect timeout is implemented in ssockets ( in 
TSocketStream ) not in sockets unit.

You can use the TInetSocket's class from ssockets unit ( this is what 
fphttpclient uses ) overloaded constructor with the aConnectTimeout 
parameter or if you want you can use the ConnectTimeout property before 
connect and you're ready to go ...


Dimitrios Chr. Ioannidis

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