[fpc-pascal] Here is real time graphics and physics simulation library

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Sun Jul 31 10:30:47 CEST 2022

On Sun, 31 Jul 2022, Anthony Walter via fpc-pascal wrote:

> I am looking for help adding in a bunch more features to my real time
> graphics and physics simulation library. Here is a very brief overview with
> some screenshots and sources.
> https://github.com/sysrpl/Tiny.Sim
> I need help finishing the conversion to SVG based widget theming and my UI
> designer that uses JSON either in resources or dynamically in code, to
> generate UI scripts.

I'm sure the graphics part is probably OK, I won't comment on that.

But can you explain the logic behind Tiny.System ?

You have basically copied the whole of SysUtils, even redefined Exception
and hooked into the exception handling functionality.

Why on earth would you do that, as it makes your code not interoperable with
the SysUtils unit, meaning 99.99% of other object pascal code out there ?

If you raise an Exception object or any of its redefined descendents, 
any unit out there that uses SysUtils will not catch it since it is 
another class tree entirely.

It looks like a serious case of the 'Not Invented Here' symptom.

In my opinion, people would be crazy to help out with this effort, 
it's clearly a dead end.


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