[fpc-pascal] Correct way for using TThread.ForceQueue?

Thomas Kurz fpc.2021 at t-net.ruhr
Mon Apr 25 17:20:47 CEST 2022

I cannot remember why, but a long time ago when learning Delphi 5 or 6, I have learned not to call the destructor from within any method of the class, only from outside. If this is no longer true nowadays (or maybe, has never been true before), I'd like to use this solution.

Just to be sure we're talking about the same thing -- you think this code should work:

  TMyData = class 
    method: TMethodWithParameters;
    a: whatever;
    procedure Run;
 procedure TMyData.Run;
     method (a);

MyData := TMyData.Create;
MyData.a := ...;
MyData.method := @SomeMethodWithParameters;
TThread.Synchronize(NIL, @MyData.Run)

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> This is a very elegant solution but it can only be used for Synchronize,
> right?  Because with ForceQueue I cannot know when it's done and freeing
> within Run (i.e.  "Self.Free") would fail.

Why would this fail according to you ?

I have used this approach on multiple occasions.

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