[fpc-pascal] Repost: TFieldType declaration change in FPC fixes_3_2 branch

LacaK lacak at zoznam.sk
Mon Oct 18 08:27:53 CEST 2021

> /Reposted with correct branch identifier/.
> I thought that a fixes branch was only for bug fixes and not for 
> issuing non-backwards compatible changes. However, TFieldType in 
> db.pas now has 6 extra elements.
> The result is that IBX no longer compiles with the fixes_3_2 branch. I 
> have also heard the same for zeoslib.

As far as I can see ZEOS is full of checks like:
{$IF FPC_FULLVERSION>=30100} ...

So I think that one more check:
               {$DEFINE WITH_FTSHORTINT}                 // ftShortInt 
is supported
               {$DEFINE WITH_FTBYTE}                     // ftByte is 
               {$DEFINE WITH_FTEXTENDED}                 // ftExtended 
is supported
               {$DEFINE WITH_FTLONGWORD}                 // ftLongWord is
... is not so big problem? (I see there is already in ZEOS such check 
added ...)

In IBX there you have "DefaultFieldClasses" array which is affected, right?

I agree that it is not ideal situation, but release cycle for major 
versions of FPC are so long that postpone all these additions to major 
releases means that users must wait years ...

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