[fpc-pascal] SinclairQL (M68K) Port

Norman Dunbar Norman at dunbar-it.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 15:00:58 CET 2021

Replying to self here...

On 22/03/2021 11:33, Norman Dunbar via fpc-pascal wrote:

> I have a minimum test harness for it at the moment that I'm attempting 
> to sort out.
> Var F : Text;
> begin
>    Assign(F,'ram1_test.txt');
>    Rewrite(F);
>    Writeln(F,'Try and find this when I''m finished !');
>    Close(F);
> end.
> I've tested with just the assign and rewrite, seems to have had no 
> effect - the output file, which has some text in it, remained untouched. 
> Adding in the writeln call causes runtime error 103. Which I believe is 
> "file not open".

Ok, I've found and fixed that problem. It was related to this FIXME left 
in the code:

{ rewrite (create a new file) }
   { FIX ME: this will just create a new file, actual overwriting
     seems to be a more complex endeavor... }
   if (flags and $1000)<>0 then openMode:=Q_OPEN_NEW;


It was a simple change, Use Q_OPEN_OVER instead of Q_OPEN_NEW as the 
latter barfs with an "already exists" error if the file is there. The 
Q_OPEN_OVER will overwrite any existing file or create a new file, as 

My testing of rewrite is now finished and working. So far anyway!


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