[fpc-pascal] SinclairQL (M68K) Port

Norman Dunbar Norman at dunbar-it.co.uk
Sat Mar 20 16:51:03 CET 2021

Good Afternoon All,

Back in November, we had a visit on our Sinclair QL forum 
(qlforum.co.uk) from ChainQ informing us that he had created a Sinclair 
QL version of Free Pascal for M68K. Quite a number of people showed 
interest, including myself -- and I've not done any Pascal since college 
in the early 1980s.

I've built a cross compiler, based on version 3.3.1, and tested a couple 
of very simple examples with no problems.

I've now started messing around in the source code to try get the port 
up to requirements as per the docs on what should be in the system unit. 
So far, I have managed to implement and test the "Erase" function, which 
works fine.

Sadly, when testing, I noticed a problem that causes run time errors 
103, and possibly 102 -- sorry I'm a bit vague I'm not at my QL right 
now. This occurs when any of the following are attempted:

writeln(aFile, 'Some text');

writeln('Some text') works fine to the console, just not to a file as in 
"VAR aFile : Text;" for example.

There may be other problem areas. I'd like to try and fix these but I'm 
completely unable to find the location of the "writeln" or "reset" 
functions in the source code. I have grepped and Googled to no avail I'm 

Could someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks.

Also, is there any documentation for anyone coming on to the project 
which explains the layout of the code, where to find "stuff"  what needs 
doing and such like? Sort of like a "Beginners' guide to developing Free 
Pascal and/or the RTL"  or similar?

It would be helpful to beginners like me, trying to look around and 
fix/implement stuff. I've been all over the Wiki and found this page, 
https://wiki.freepascal.org/FPC_development, but it's not what I was 
looking for although there are some interesting articles on the RTL pages.

Many thanks for any information.


Norman Dunbar
Dunbar IT Consultants Ltd

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