[fpc-pascal] GetSaveFileNameA limited to 100 characters in default name

James Richters james.richters at productionautomation.net
Fri Jun 18 23:50:32 CEST 2021

I'm converting my AnsiString to a Pchar with 
But I didn't understand the meaning of 
TFileName.nMaxFile:=100;  I thought it was the maximum number of files to
display or something.. not the maximum number of characters in the file
name. which it appears to be.
So now I have:
TFileName.nMaxFile:= Length(DefaultFileName)+1; 
I need the +1 for the #0 at the end of the Pchar,  and now it works fine,
and I can have strings as long as they need to be.
Thank you for the help!
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