[fpc-pascal] TRegistry documentation

James Richters james.richters at productionautomation.net
Tue Jun 15 14:13:00 CEST 2021

Is there documentation for TRegistry somewhere?  I've been searching for
information on it, and so far I've only been able to find:
They kind of get me started but I'm looking for a complete list of all
functions and how to use them. 
The main problem I am having is that my program is crashing with an error
An unhandled exception occurred at $004124A4:
ERegistryException: Invalid registry data type: "Type"
I'm pretty sure it's because the registry key I am interested is not a
string, it's a Dword. but all the examples I find use 
Registry.WriteString() and Registry.ReadString()
I've been able to use Registry.GetValueNames() to get the names of all the
keys. and now that I have that, I'm thinking there should be a way to find
out what type of key they all are and more functions to read and write the
different types of keys.   
Anyone know where I can find this information?
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