[fpc-pascal] Remove last character from pchar

James Richters james.richters at productionautomation.net
Thu Jun 10 20:19:22 CEST 2021

Pchars are just a pain, I do not use any Pchars.. instead I use AnsiStrings that I can manipulate in a way that is easy and then I just do Pchar(myvariable) whenever I need to use a function that needs a Pchar… like this:
windows.messagebox(0,pchar(MessageBoxtext)…..bla bla bla);  
There is probably a better way but for me conversion to Pchar is a small price to pay for easy string manipulation.  AnsiStrings take care of their own memory allocation and the Pchar conversion doesn’t require an actual Pchar variable to bother with managing.
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