[fpc-pascal] Hello, new Pascal programmer. had a question!

Armin Linder arminlinder at arminlinder.de
Sun Aug 29 16:29:22 CEST 2021

I suggest this:


as far as I remember there isn't a single GUI element used anywhere, 
it's all console/writeln, and it covers the "old style" (procedural) 
approach Turbo Pascal had, as well as working with more recent concepts 
like objects (old and new style) and generics.


Am 27.08.2021 um 22:01 schrieb joseph turco via fpc-pascal:
> Hello all,
> I am a new programmer, and I thought I'd learn Pascal. I saw that with 
> FreePascal, most users are using Lazarus. I don't want to use this and 
> would rather work in the console, and use the free pascal IDE. I'm not 
> really interested in using any GUI tools. I was looking for a book 
> that teaches free pascal without the GUI stuff, that has a lot of 
> examples in it, but i cannot find anything of the sort. This has made 
> me turn to Turbo Pascal books, and i am currently reading "Learn Turbo 
> Pascal in three days". When i use the free pascal IDE to write code, 
> and compile it, i have no issues. When i go to run my program, any 
> text i have printed, will mix in with the terminal/console text, and 
> doesn't just print at the bottom like i would expect. This has made me 
> turn to using emacs, and then just compiling the code in the terminal 
> using "fpc -Mtp <filenname.pas>". My question is, id like to use the 
> free pascal IDE, and learn the more modern(?) form of pascal, but i 
> cannot find a resource for beginners that will teach me with a lot of 
> examples, and not walls of text, just for non-GUI applications. Does 
> anyone know if such a book exists? Many thanks!
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