[fpc-pascal] Bookmark, TBookmarkStr, TBytes and BytesOf

Santiago A. svaa at ciberpiula.net
Thu Aug 26 11:20:41 CEST 2021


Freepascal 3.2.0. Windows 7-32bits

TMyObject=class   private     fDset:TDataset;    function 
GetBookmark:TBookmarkStr; ... end;

function TMyObject.GetBookmark:TBookmarkStr; Begin   
result:=FDset.Bookmark; end;

I get this compiling error:
Incompatible types: got "TBytes" expected "AnsiString"

Nevertheless, /TbookmarkStr/ documentation example assigns bookmark 
property to a TBookmarkStr variable

I have considered to convert the TBytes to AnsiString, but instead to 
doing a research about AnsiString internals, or creating a function that 
copies bytes in a loop, I supposed that there was already a function to 
do that. I found BytesOf
The abstract is  "Return the bytes in a string", when in fact, according 
with the text below,  it does the opposite, returns the string in an 
array of bytes.

Is there any function that move the bytes to an AnsiString?

Santiago A.

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