[fpc-pascal] How to get fpc and lazarus sources when svn has shut down?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Thu Aug 12 15:40:23 CEST 2021

On Thu, 12 Aug 2021, Martin Frb via fpc-pascal wrote:

> On 12/08/2021 15:04, Michael Van Canneyt via fpc-pascal wrote:
>> If you do an update of an existing directory, instead of
>> git clone http://theurl/ thesourcedirectory
>> you must do
>> cd thesourcedirectory
>> git pull
>> cd ..
>> This will reduce the download size considerably.
> If he stays on the same branch (assuming he is on a branch). Or if his 
> "--depth" was deep enough to have common history with the new target branch.
> An svn server (afaik) calculates the diff between any 2 revisions, even 
> on diff branches...
> But (afaik, really not sure) git will look for the nearest common 
> history, and download all changes from that point.
> This makes sense for git, because "--depth" is the exception, and not 
> what the design is made for. So git would assume you want the commits in 
> the middle, and it would assume you have common history.
> (But again, not tested at all).
> And if you "cloned" only a "tag" (depth 1), not a branch => then you may 
> not have an upstream branch. So you can't "git pull".

If you look at the top of the mail, you'll see I assumed he did a full
clone initially.

Less fuss.


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