[fpc-pascal] How to get fpc and lazarus sources when svn has shut down?

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Wed Aug 11 22:22:54 CEST 2021

On Wed, 11 Aug 2021, Bo Berglund via fpc-pascal wrote:

> I have for many years been using an install script I wrote to install a complete
> freepascal/lazarus dev environment on Raspberry Pi devices.
> The script uses subversion to get the sources for fpc and lazarus via svn based
> on the specific tags.
> Then the script installs the needed dependencies and makes the complete
> installation on Raspberry Pi boxes.
> Now I have this probles:
> - The fpc svn server has been shut down so the source retrieval does not work
> Please advice how to:
> 1) Find which is the latest release tag of fpc and lazarus
> 2) Retrieve the full sources for that tag on the command line from gitlab
> (I do not need the sources to be "live", I can use an export that cannot be
> updated because I am not participating in developing either tool.
> But it must be something that can be incorporated in a script and run
> unattended.)

> As soon as I have the sources I believe the rest of my script will work just
> fine...
> I have used these lines in my script to accomplish the retrieval (with script
> variables holding target location, tag and version):
> echo "Downloading version $FPCVER of FPC"
> cd "$FPCDIR"
> svn co https://svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpc/tags/$FPCTAG/ $FPCVER

# Get sources
git clone https://gitlab.com/freepascal.org/fpc/source.git  $FPCVER
# switch to branch/tag
git checkout $FPCTAG
cd ..

> echo "Downloading version $LAZVER of Lazarus"
> cd "$LAZDIR"
> svn co https://svn.freepascal.org/svn/lazarus/tags/$LAZTAG/ $LAZVER

# Get sources
git clone https://gitlab.com/freepascal.org/lazarus/lazarus.git  $LAZVER
# switch to branch/tag
git checkout $LAZTAG
cd ..


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