[fpc-pascal] fpDebug extension for Visual Studio Code

Martin Frb lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue May 19 00:22:09 CEST 2020

On 18/05/2020 23:43, Joost van der Sluis wrote:
> All the basics should work, if someone could test it a bit that would 
> be nice.
> Threading-support is still very lacking, and how variables are 
> presented is not really nice. I'll be working on that.

While this can be changed in PascalBuilder, there are some considerations.

Some of those may want to become configurable. So not sure yet.
More likely the formatting may want to depend an arguments passed to the 
In the Lazarus IDE currently representation of the values is entirely to 
the backend. And that is plain wrong. The IDE will have to have some 
influence on that.

I haven't yet given it much consideration. Just putting it out there for 

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